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Chris Olson has many custom-made jumpsuits in the Elvis style. All of the singing in the Memories of Elvis show is Chris' voice. He will never lip-synch. Chris knows over two hundred songs. Elvis Presley recorded over seven hundred.

Chris will perform a two and a half hour show which includes a suit change, and a variety of hit songs, ranging from the late 50s to the 70s. These were the jumpsuit years of Elvis, and are Chris' favorite era's to perform.

There is an extremely close person in Chris' life. She is his sound technician, stage lighting technician, hairdresser, booking agent, manager, and his wife, Mary Ann. Partners for fifteen years, they are better known as "The Team". Both are very proud of the first class show they've presented to audiences all over the U.S. Here's an example of a performance Chris and Mary Ann have arranged, and have fun doing:

Act I - Start with the Gold Lame' jacket, singing the Elvis hits of the 50s
Act II - Chris goes backstage and changes into the Black Leather suit for the 68 comeback special
Act III - It's the service years, mixed with the movie era
Act IV - Jumpsuit, Las Vegas, karate kicking set. Ending with the Aloha suit and a rock-a-hula all the way to the America trilogy.

Pictures? You may take all you want. Bring your camera to the shows. No movie cameras please.

We'll see you at the show. You might be the one to get the Teddy Bear or scarves!

For booking an event
Call Mary Ann Olson (612) 860-6078
or send us an email.

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Public Shows, Private Party and Special Event bookings are welcome.
To book an event, call Mary Ann Olson
at 612-860-6078 or
contact her by email.

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